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Sometimes something as small as a single word or phrase can create confusion within an otherwise informative article or YouTube video. This is why we’ve decided to begin a blog series of various vocabulary words and phrases explained simply. This is the second installment in this series.

Ethereum is an open-sourced, programmable blockchain platform created after Bitcoin with the intention of taking the original concept of Bitcoin, and giving it the opportunity to grow into multiple applications. There are numerous services available on Ethereum which utilize the blockchain technology, and most of them relate to financial services, such as decentralized…

Money is easy to gain, and just as easy to lose, in the same week. We live in a world where just about any minimum wage job can be won, but depending on location, it still may not be enough to pay the rent. Regardless of your income, finding ways to make your money stretch is not only a good habit to develop, but it’s crucial to survival in case of emergency.

Here are three simple, worthwhile, but arguably difficult ways to make your paycheck stretch and allow growth to your bank account.

Get (As Many) Roommates (As You Can Stand)

Unless you’re raising a family, roommates are…

“It was a scam”

- Matt Taibbi

In 2008, the worst financial crisis since The Great Depression set in and wrecked the American economy. The effects of this rippled through the whole world and caused a recession for numerous countries across the globe. Though national struggles have many obvious negative effects, there can be a nugget of good that emerges. In this case, Bitcoin, and eventually, DeFi (and Digifox), was this nugget. However, the circumstances leading up to The Great Recession could have been avoided with more responsible behavior on all sides.

The Premise

When banks approve mortgages, there are certain precautions…

Almost everyone you meet these days has some kind of debt. Even if someone doesn’t have any kind of debt, it’s pretty fair to assume they will in their future. This is not necessarily because of any mismanagement of finances, but just because people rarely have the required cash on hand to purchase, say, a house.

Each of these categories can (and likely will) be expanded upon and given their own article. Here, we’re barely going to scratch the surface of these areas and merely provide an introduction.

Credit Card Debt

It is an unfortunate fact of life that owning and using a…

We’ve all seen it happen.

You put in an order to make a trade. You want to buy a certain crypto, one you think will make you a good profit either in the short term if you’re a trader, or in the long term if you’re an investor. However, when you go to buy 4 coins with $100, the trade goes through and suddenly you see you don’t have 4 coins, you have 3.5, but you’ve still paid the $100.

What happened?

This difference of what you expected to receive vs what you actually received is called slippage. …

Sometimes something as small as a single word or phrase can create confusion within an otherwise informative article or YouTube video. This is why we’ve decided to begin a blog series of various vocabulary words and phrases explained simply.

  1. What Does “Liquidity” Mean?

Liquidity refers to the availability of an asset and how easily that asset can be bought or sold at the expected price. For example, I can trade $1000 for another $1000 very easily and not expect to receive more or less than $1000 for my $1000. However, if I use my $1000 to buy a rare doll…

A new feature has been launched in the Digifox app!

You may have seen it and explored it already, but just in case you have not, or still have questions, we’re going to explain more about what it is and more importantly, why we’ve implemented this feature.

Welcome to the Community Tab.

At Digifox, we believe in giving everyone equal access to services. We don’t believe in limiting functionality to our users by requiring deposit minimums or other arbitrary limitations. So today, I want to briefly explain why it costs money to gain access to Digifox Pro immediately.

TL;DR — Wallet Generation Comes At A Major Cost Right Now

Since our launch in June of 2020, we’ve grown a user base of over 7,500 unique users. It’s been an absolute privilege for us to see people using the app, whether it’s earning interest on savings or buying cryptocurrencies. …

Why Bitcoin Matters

Bitcoin can be a bit overwhelming when you first hear about it… money on the internet, a single coin costs thousands of dollars, the price fluctuates dramatically, it’s on a “blockchain,” there are so-called “miners” who support the network, etc. There’s a ton to take in.

Don’t worry! You’re certainly not alone if this all seems a bit confusing. It’s incredibly complicated and even financial professionals often take years to fully understand the intricacies of Bitcoin.

In this article we want to get you familiar with the tip of the Bitcoin iceberg and introduce you to the…

Photo by Stephen Dawson on Unsplash

At Digifox, we talk about Celsius and their services frequently (because it’s a great company and we love working with them). However, you may notice in the Digifox wallet there is something called “Compound” listed alongside Celsius under the “Earn” tab.

It’s fairly clear at a glance that Compound offers much lower rates than Celsius. Why is that? And why would you ever choose Compound over Celsius?

Compound is decentralized, and comes with all the benefits of the decentralized blockchain.

Compound is what is called a decentralized finance (DeFi) ”project” or “protocol”, commonly referred to as decentralized app, or “dapp”…


We bring finance to the table for everyone. Easy to use and easy to understand. Financial success is with in your reach.

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